Who is the real God?

I would never consider myself to be a religious person, at least by the common definition that abounds in our society. I was raised in the philosophy of Christian churches, or more accurately, my father paid two pennies per child in the 1960s for the nearest church to babysit the four of us kids while our parents did who knows what on Sunday mornings.

I was born with a questioning mind. I do not remember being all that enthused by the teachings of whoever led the various churches I attended as a child. I did not look forward to attending Sunday school as a child, however, this mind of mine always wanted to know.

I have always been a person who asked questions, and not just to get attention. I wanted to know what the reason for my having to appear on this planet was, and I was not going to be satisfied with a half-baked, off the cuff answer from some preacher who just wanted to me out of his way so he could get back to whatever vice was craving his attention at the moment.

Case in point, I remember going to a baptismal service for some friends when I was in my early twenties. The church they attended decided that the couple needed to be baptised and married to each other before they could become members of the church, since living together was an abominable sin surely bad enough to send them straight to hell.

During the service the minister asked if anyone in the audience wanted to give their life to Jesus. I put up my hand and promptly was attended to an usher thrusting a paper at me. When I asked what the paper was for, he said it was an application to join their Church so that I could give my life to Jesus.

I looked straight at him and very quickly explained to the ninny that I was talking to Jesus not him. Consequently I was not invited for any more of their delicious vegetarian potlucks.

Now to the point of this message: Who is the real God? And how do we determine the truth of matter?

I am not going to tell you what to believe but I will iterate about my experience in the matter and let you choose what works for you, if anything.

The God I met in Church and that I see being squabbled over by many religions and scientists and anybody else who seems to believe that we are peons caught in a game we cannot win to me is a fake.

This is what is academically called an “Anthropomorphic god” (yes with a little g). This god is described as a father figure who sits in a throne high in the sky meting out rewards and punishment at his own discretion. This is a god with a personality and emotions like a human being who runs us like unknowing pawns in a game we cannot know or win pretty much for his own amusement.

I believe this god was created by church elders many centuries ago to support their position of being in charge, much like a father in a family used to be. This god allowed authority figures to act as they chose without any guilt or remorse even if their actions were selfish and reprehensible.

Is it any wonder so many of us are filled with guilt? Is it any wonder why so many people today do not believe in “God”?

What ever happened to that phrase in the Bible that stated “We are created in the image of God”? Somehow it seems to have been perverted in “God is created in the image of man (or more correctly dear old dad).

So let’s look at the alternatives.

Back in the day, before King Arthur came to court, the average person believed in and worked with the laws of nature. They watched and learned from the seasons, the stars, the plants, the animals and anything else that belonged to nature. They knew that if they respected nature and accepted what it meted out; life would carry on best possible.

In the modern world, we can carry this belief system to a higher, more functional system since we are generally living at a more secure survival level that allows us to think beyond our next meal.

Today, we would refer to this God as a Universal God. This God is a consciousness manifested through the conjoining of all consciousness. This God does not have a body or a personality and does not mete out rewards or punishment. He does not even have a chair!

The Universal God is otherwise known as the energy of LOVE… UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This is the God that acknowledges free will amongst all combined with responsibility for our choices. This is the law of Cause and Effect. We get what we create.

Where most people run into the challenge with this concept of God is that it requires a large amount of self-responsibility which is magnified by a general lack of understanding of karma, personal evolution and our purpose in being here on the planet right now.

Luckily, it is not necessary to understand karma. It is not necessary to understand our purpose in this life or why we are alive right now. What it does require is a willingness to trust that there is a reason for our existence, a trust to know and accept that we are loved and lovable and that we have the tools inside ourselves to not only survive but function very well to get through this life to the other end.

In order to get to know this God, we need to do a few things:

  • Trust that this God exists and is a universal essence that we are all collectively part of (even the non-believers)
  • Allow ourselves to become intimate with our own feelings and sensations inside ourselves even if sometimes they do not feel very good.
  • Learn to understand and accept that we have and use at least three levels of mind,
    • The finite mind of the ego (that never ending voice in our head)
    • The conscious mind that processes information as we carry on in our day
    • The higher consciousness that knows all and is connected to higher source
    • Learn to differentiate between the levels of the mind as they play out in our lives and learn to accept them and work with them as they are really.

In another blog I will talk about how the Universal God functions in your everyday life. Once you have digested all this information, let’s see if I have helped you to understand how you and your God function together. I strongly believe that if you can get through this bit of information and see how your belief in “God” impacts your beliefs about how life works, you will start to see that many of the struggles you suffer from in life are created by a very bad misunderstanding about “God” created a long time ago by people who needed to control the lives of others in order to feel good about themselves.

In the meantime, please take a few minutes to turn off all that noise in your head and maybe the noise outside your head too and allow yourself to enjoy the quiet of being part of the universe.