Who are the key influences in your life?

Who Are The Key Influences In Your Life?

Since the day you were born people have influenced you and helped shape your expression of life. Some of the influences were beneficial and some not so much, but they were all influences.

It has been said that the people with the greatest opportunity to grow in this life are the people that have come from the most challenging childhood. This may be true, however, next time I would rather just consciously create my own lessons and not repeat what this life time has offered!

We learned how to  make our lives work as small children. Most people do not realize or understand that their lives as adults are just taller versions of what they learned in their youngest years. The result is that they keep attracting new versions of the same people who caused the problems they now deal with over and over again.

In order to improve the relationships we have in our lives, we need to recognize what we do to create and maintain them in the present. After all, the only person we can change is ourselves.

If we have a problematic relationship that is causing us stress, then the first step is to step back and ask ourselves what we are gaining from the relationship as it stands. when we understand this piece of information, we can evaluate it and decide whether it is worth it or if we need to change how we do that aspect of our lives so we can be happier.

Once we make the necessary change, the other person will either change and coordinate with the new energy or they will eventually leave.

Everything in life is about magnetism. We always attract that which complements what we express.