What health issues do you have?

What health issues do you have?

In our western society health issues are looked on as defects of our perfection. Billions of dollars are spent and made in the process of attempting to eradicate dysfunction and disease from our bodies.

The truth, from a metaphysical perspective, is that so called dysfunction and disease are the universe’s way of telling the person who has expressed them that there is something out of alignment that needs to be attended to.

Everything that exists is composed of energy that is measured as vibration. When something is out of alignment in your life, it has a distinct vibration. If the vibration develops to be strong enough and lasts long enough, it will express in some way.

We have many layers of vibration in our “being”. The higher vibrations cannot be seen by the normal human eye but as they are produced in the lower vibrations they can be recognized. Our emotions are an example and so is our body.

Each level of vibration is related to the others. As a dysfunction develops, it starts in the higher invisible vibration and progresses into the lower vibration unless it is recognized and dealt with. Eventually it develops into an expression in the physical level.

What I am basically saying is that there is a relationship between thoughts, emotions and the physical expression of disease or dysfunction in the physical body. By taking ownership of our beliefs before maladies develop, we can prevent or at least inhibit the development of diseases.

“A healthy mind produces a healthy body”.

What is your body saying to you?