What does it feel like to be in your body?


What does it feel like to be in your body?

In my experience as an intuitive healing practitioner, I have recognized that the great majority of people do not know what it feels like to be in their own body!

Sure they know what it feels like to touch any part of their own body physically but they do not have any idea what it feels like to just be in their body. there are two reasons:

  • Most people think they are their body so cannot comprehend the idea they can separate their consciousness from the physical portion of their body.
  • Many people have been hurt so badly in the physical body during their childhood that they have blocked out the sensation of having a physical body.

In order to truly heal the past, it is essential that we each come to terms with our physical bodies so we can receive and understand the messages our bodies send us on a regular basis.

By open the paths to communication in our physical body, we also open the lines of communication in the other levels of our body. This needs to be done lovingly and gently. It does not require delving into the beliefs that caused the shutting down the communications.

Here is a little teaser of the visualization I out together for helping you to feel more comfortable in your body. Unfortunately, the storage on these sites doesn’t allow the full 32 minutes of the visualization but you can get it by purchasing the Stamp Out Stress from the bookstore.