What are you willing to do to improve your life?

What Are You Willing To do to Improve Your Life?

I have heard that a definition of insanity is continually repeating the same action over and over while expecting different results.

This is very true for creating change in your life. The challenge many people face though, is recognizing that they have actually fallen into this situation. I think if we are all willing to be true to ourselves, we would each have to admit that we all do it.

The key is to recognize that habits we have developed that stand in our way to having the life we really want.

The next concern is what we are willing to do once we recognize how our “bad” habits are defeating us.

I think the most important decision that we have to make in this process is to decide which habits we have that are causing the biggest irritation. This is not always easy as they can be very deceptive masking themselves as something beneficial or something that is “a part of who we are”.

A simple to understand example would be regarding our choice in physical fitness. If we have been a very sedentary person causing us to be quite lazy and overweight, it could be construed by our mind that “this is the way we are”.

The truth, however, is that our inactivity is a learned aspect of our life and can be changed. it just takes recognition … and a decision to change our life.

What aspects of your life are tripping you up?

Having trouble picking them out? Ask for help from a counselor.