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I doubt there is one person on this planet that really enjoys feeling and living with the effects of family violence or any kind of abuse.

If you feel that you have endured family violence or the trauma of any kind of serious abuse in your past, then please consider using some or all of the tools provided in this site to assist yourself in moving past these challenging memories and moving into a healthier, more functional life style.

Counseling is a good tool for  self healing

Counseling is a good tool for self healing

Although I certain recommend counselling as a tool for personal healing, the tools and information I provide in this site do not require you reliving or even talking about the suffering you have endured in your past. These tools allow you to put these memories where they belong… in your past.

I believe that true healing comes from releasing yourself from the binds that connect you with the past that has defined your life thus far.Life Force Not Force Life Go with the flow of your life Get past the trauma and live

Understanding the power of your mind and your ability to manage your thoughts and take ownership of your thinking processes and your life are the keys to true long-term healing from any form of trauma caused by violence or abuse.

By learning to listen to your thoughts and your body, by learning to separate your identity from your thoughts you can overcome your limiting beliefs. You can recreate how you think about yourself and who you believe you are.

we are all unique and lovable

we are all unique and lovable

After all, there is not one person on this planet who is not a wonderful, loving, lovable person underneath the false identity of their outer expression. Even the most savage of beasts that perpetrate the worst of crimes against other people and Mother Earth have the ability to be the most loving, kind individuals if they find the way to reconnect with their truest and highest selves.

The major challenges for every individual is in choosing to let go of the façade that has defined them in the past, accepting their vulnerability without the façade and accepting themselves in the pureness of the reality of who they were born as in truth.

Throughout this page, several phrases are highlighted. They are links to blogs I have posted on this site that will help you to access and implement the tools you need for moving past the trauma of family violence and abuse.

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