Safety Is A Learned Condition

Freedom and personal evolution are universal truths in the free world. However, as men and women evolve their physical, mental and emotional health and well being is being jeopardized by their own thinking.

In many schools of modern psychology, people are being trained to change their lives by attempting to change the occurrences in their life. End of story. The challenge in my mind with this form of retraining is that it only changes the effects of their belief systems and not the cause.

Psychologists and counselors ask patients questions like: “How do you feel when you do something? And how would you feel if you did something else instead?”

This line of thinking and questioning is certainly useful, but at most it will only redefine the outcome of the original cause as it is only concerned with the externalization or effect of the event.

In order for people to truly heal in a holistic manner and to improve their self esteem, it is my opinion that they must first learn the truth about safety and how they create it.

When a person commits an act of any sort, good or bad, it is a result of internal stimulation from the mind. A thought is provoked by an external stimulus causing an automatic reaction. It is a chain reaction that will keep repeating until sometime in the future, hopefully the person will realize that the outer expression which the psychologist is training them to do differently is actually just the end result of the chain of events. However, since the actions that led to the expression of the outcome have not changed, very little has been done to rectify the situation. It is just different icing on the same cake.

These events are learned patterns that have evolved from the lessons of childhood. They are coping strategies, the socially accepted manner of “being safe”.

But how safe is a person when they allow themselves to make decisions automatically based on childhood experiences? If the likelihood of the choices being good for the person as a child were small, is there much of a chance that the belief developed from this young life training is going to be of any more value for them as an adult?

In western society, we are primarily trained to view safety as a methodology developed by protecting oneself from the external world. If one has learned the right coping methods, they can at the very least mitigate the effects of undesirable external influences and believe they are “safe”.

Unfortunately, as the world becomes more heavily populated with people who have developed the mindset that “me first and only” is the way to succeed in life, a greater demand is placed upon each individual to maintain some level of sanity and a greater degree of safety.

The effect of this growing situation is that more and more people are becoming unable to cope with the occurrences in their lives causing a dramatic increase in outbursts of crime, violence, the need for excess and general lack of self control and consideration for people in general.

I have noticed of late that as I am shopping in one of our giant grocery stores that many people as they move about in this same environment do not even notice other people and often end up colliding into them causing even more stress. It appears that these individuals have created a new coping device that leads them to believe that they are alone in the world. If they can believe hard enough that no one else exists then they will be able to manage their lives in an acceptable and safe manner.

This again is another example of personal safety being attempted through controlling the impact of the external world on a person’s life.

We will never be able to control the world outside of our individual self! There are too many events occurring in our lives and too many external influences that are created beyond our circle of influence to allow us to even begin to attempt any manner of control.

If we are going to ever learn to truly feel safe, we have to first recognize that all that occurs in our life is magnetized to us through our own thinking. Life will always occur in the manner in which we believe it should.

Whatever methods of self protection we learned as children will activate whenever we require them as adults, at least until we finally realize that we do have the ability to change the outcome as we discussed earlier. However, we also need to change the belief that instigated the reaction as well. As long as we continue to believe that our world is unsafe, we will need to continue trying to protect ourselves in it, because in our eyes the world is unsafe.

There are only two basic beliefs in this world. They are love and fear. Protecting ourselves from the external world is fear based as its intent is to control other than ones self.

For a person to be truly safe, they must learn to live in the world of the energy of love, starting with allowing themselves to love their own true nature. It is a matter of knowing and trusting that as a creature of this infinite universe we are born safe.

We just have to believe it, accept it and live it!

We have lived for so many generations believing we had to fight the world in order to feel safe, can we start now to retrain ourselves and instill this vital truth in our children so that the world can be the safe place it was originally meant to be.

It is all a matter of changing a learned condition.

I hope we can help you to relearn how you do your safety.