Below are the words of some very kind people who have taken time to read my books and comment on them. Their words are kindly appreciated. I hope they make you feel more comfortable about taking the chance of reading my blogs and books.

Embracing the Blend is an easy-to-read, practical guide filled with much wisdom.  Offering incredible insight to how belief systems and emotions shape who we are, Monty gently moves the reader toward greater self-love and acceptance. I highly recommend reading this transformational book of awareness.  You’ll be grateful you did!

Adele M. Peterson, Certified Hypnotherapist

‘Let your Inner Light shine and empower personal peace.’



“Monty demonstrates powerfully yet in simple language the importance of core beliefs and how they can impact our destiny. A very profound, thought-provoking and         inspiring book”.                Ainsley Deer, Occupational Psychologist. Kingston Jamaica




The sincerity and style of this book, for me, is a treasure box, capturing the struggles in each of us.  In reading the book, it’s TRUTH is such an awakening.  A must read……Monty I’m so happy you finally put that brilliant mind to paper.  Your forever friend

Eva Zanatta  Vernon BC Canada




Monty takes a intimate look at our parents early influences—both the overt and the covert ones—on who we are today.  I highly recommend this book for anyone who is trying to understand and improve their life.

               Marnie Hancock, Author, The List, AKA Reality Dynamics




The most difficult thing you will ever do is looking at yourself, facing your demons and finding the truth. Unexpected issues and answers will crop up helping to move you forward even if they were not what you were looking for.

             Raj Sidhu Corrections Officer




Upon reading Embracing the Blend it confirmed to me this information should be included in the School System to help Teenagers understand and become empowered before being sent out in to the big wide world.  It would save lots of sleepless nights, depression and so forth.

Great Job Monty!  Blessings

                Raywyn M.E Erickson



“Monty’s book is an audacious but kind call to action. If you follow his advice not only is it possible to overcome any negative self-talk and parental programming, indeed, it’s highly probable that you will.”

            Roxanne Davies, Community Development Consultant

There is something refreshing about hearing what Monty Ritchings has   to say on the subject of stress and mind, not to mention the powerful   influence of family throughout our lives.

These are familiar if not   altogether common sensical matters we often hear about. So one would be forgiven for being less than enthralled at the   prospect of one more ‘helpful’ book on life stress, mind management,   and even family dysfunction.

Neither a bootstrapping reactionary nor   psychobabbling scold bent on finding fault with others — nor a   mewling or handwringing type who hides behind oversimple bromides and   outworn cliches.

Ritchings proves he knows of what he speaks and is   able to effectively communicate it to others. His writing is crisp and to the point, wise and emmanently practical,   and at the same time accessible, relevant and timely. In other words,    it is just what we need to hear and not a moment too soon.

Conscious   of his audience and also comfortable in his own skin, he imparts a   grasp of his subject that is both intelligent and emotionally aware   throughout. His message is consistent, constructive as well as creative. He puts   things in a way you can hear and understand.

He is as economical with   language as he is original with his message. What he has to say is   something, I believe, we need to hear, a lesson we have not nearly   mastered nor tired of hearing.

It is the tip of the iceberg in terms   of the very personal work it’s bound to uncover and the root of our   struggle when it comes to it’s grasp of the real issues that we face   in everyday life. Aspects of Wayne Dyer along with a hint of Deepak Chopra, his work is   an artful blend of the power of intention combined with the stuff of   mindfulness.

It is both an essay and a meditation –focused with an   honesty and a clarity that will leave his readers on firmer ground not   to mention better informed by the confident voice of experience that   comes through in his every word. It is worth getting your eager hands   on and invariably sharing this with others. He will it seems to me, help to make the world a better place, by   shifting the balance of energy in favour of a more positive, strength- based approach to life’s problems.  In the end, we can all become   participants and benefactors wherever it is that will lead us toward.

The author also has an interesting take on how a person’s family of   origin has a profound influence on how he or she relates to others,   how it constitutes a powerful blend capable of governing our emotional   lives. And, moreover, how we are able to respond to these influences   in a way that can free us from the unfinished and the unresolved   business that can tend to persist in our family and other close   relationships.

There is an old zen saying that when the student is ready the teacher   will appear. This is the type of book to fit that bill — Proceed,   whenever ready! Ritchings’ writings provide a template for how to better manage the   impact that life stress can have and the toll our closest   relationships can take on how we come to see ourselves and those   around us.  The result is a way to live our lives more fearlessly and   ultimately more fully, and not become prey to life’s emotional   challenges.

Mark F Morissette, PhD Couple & Family Therapist

The Crossroads Group West Vancouver, BC