Putting An End To Abuse

Recently, my daughter made a trip to the town where she was born. Unfortunately, it was not a happy occasion. The daughter of one of her childhood friends had committed suicide.

The girl was 15 years old when she decided that she could not tolerate any more bullying. The only way she could stop the pain and humiliation was to take her own life.

The day of her funeral, the daughter of another friend was found unconscious on the bathroom floor in her home. She had overdosed on some prescription drugs she had found in the medicine cabinet.

Sadly, these stories are not unfamiliar to any of us anymore. Children are dying for no good reason.

When we bring children into the world, it is the ultimate act of love. Our dream is to raise them to be healthy and successful, to enjoy life to the fullest. So what is happening?

Why are our children dying needlessly? Nobody intentionally gives birth to a child so they can die a useless death.

What can we do about? What do we need to change?

My ambition when I write, whether it is in book form or in a blog, it is to help people to lift their head and realize that the cause of the abuse that is on the rampage in our society can be stopped. We are not helpless like lemmings jumping of the cliff. We just need to understand what is really going on.

Our children are dying because, we as members of western society have lost ourselves. We have lost our anchor that ties us to the earth and life itself. We are drifting with a never ending tide that is going nowhere.

We look to the government to provide programs to stop bullying and to prevent crime and abuse in all its various names. Is it the government’s job to stop these actions? No, the government’s job is to provide the infrastructure and funding to support it.

It is up to each of us, as individuals to stop the abuse!

It might make you angry by my daring to say this but it is time for the truth to be spoken!

Abuse will only stop when each of us as individuals choose to stop the abuse in our own lives.


We need to choose to become more responsible for our choices, the ones we make every day in our lives. We need to recognize when we are acting irresponsibly and choose to do different.

When we act in any way, we create an energy related to that action. When we act in ways that are irresponsible such as excessive drinking, drug use, not caring enough about ourselves or our families or any way that we know in our hearts is inappropriate, we lower the energy of ourselves, everyone else involved and the psyche of mankind in total.

Watching violent television programs and letting our children play violent computer games teaches our children that life has no value and that it is okay to hurt ourselves and others. This also lowers our overall energy and gives us an excuse to act in irresponsible ways.

Providing a less than adequate home and family environment manifests abuse and kills children.

We were never meant to have single parent families. It takes two people to create babies and it takes at least two parents to raise a child properly.

No one person, male or female is capable of fulfilling a child’s needs properly. After all, making babies is easy; raising them is the hard part. If it took two people to make the baby, then shouldn’t both take the responsibility to ensure the best guidance for the child throughout its young life?

How can we put an end to abuse?

We need to start thinking about the results of our actions before we commit them. Too many of the activities that occur on a day to day basis are resultant of reactive choice rather than responsible choosing.

Young people can take better precautions to protect themselves so they prevent unwanted pregnancies. If any person is not willing to be responsible for the creation of a child, then maybe they should abstain from sex until they are.

If parents took the time to love their children and provide a more stable, functional home life, these children wouldn’t need to go looking for love in all the wrong places. Children who are truly loved and supported at home don’t have babies at young ages since the development of sexuality would be allowed to mature into an expression of love which would develop naturally when they are mature.

We need to parent our children while they are young rather than trying to rehabilitate them once they are older and have their own minds. We need to be good examples to them all through life. After all, don’t they learn how to live life by watching us?

Parents in challenged family situations could learn to work together and support each other so they can create better living situations for themselves and their children. They could also learn to understand how their life choices impact the lives of their children. Focusing on improving their lot in life must be of higher priority than partying with the gang.

We have lost ourselves in this world of stuff, in this world of living in the minute. We have to be constantly entertained and constantly busy so that we never have to stop and listen to what our mind is trying to tell us.

It has become more important to have all the toys than it is to take the time to know ourselves and to share the real world with others. It has become more important to escape into the illusions of violent television programs and video game than to spend time with our children. This choice has cost us dearly and it needs to change.

Until we do learn to stop; to take the time to listen to our inner self (our higher mind) and choose to make better, more responsible choices the abuse will go on and children will die.

We have the time, ability, skills and the supportive networks in our society to end abuse of any kind. All we, as individuals, need is the will to do so.

Are we willing?

I leave it with you.

Love and light