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I can’t believe it has been six months since I posted anything on my blog! Life has been very busy working on figuring out how to move ahead in my life and achieve the things that I feel are important. Things have been really tough for me, struggling with relationships, family and career issues. They never seem to come one at a time, do they?

One of the major truths I come across almost on a daily basis is that how each day I work through turns out is completely based on how I manage my mind. I have certainly discovered that my mind is like a garden. If I don’t keep the weeds checked they certainly are ready and able to take over…and at times they do! The same goes for negative, self-deprecating thoughts.

It is so easy to just get lulled into the old comfortable beliefs that I am no good, don’t deserve things and that everyone is out to get me. The tapes play on!…. and on … and on infinitum.

To counteract the negative tapes I used to fill myself up with hype about how much better I am than other people or I would get the old “condescending” attitude revved up. It was so much better to be able to put other people down so I could feel good about myself.

The truth is that we are all the same. We all have our negative tapes running and we all try to grind down the other guy so we can feel good. However, either of these choices is still not effective for our true well-being.

If we truly want to feel good about our lives, we need to bring ourselves to a point where we can live in a manner where there are no victims and no victors. We need to just get to the point where we can accept ourselves as the wonderful work in progress we are and let other folks do the same (and maybe we can even help each other in the process).

You see, if we play either role of victim or victor, we are seeing ourselves and others as either better or worse than we are… and this is just not true!

Every one of us is just as good as any other person around. Every one of us has the negative tapes going on. It is just a matter of how we manage our thinking. After all, we are not obligated to believe, accept or take action on any of our thoughts.

On the CD in my book “Stamp Out Stress” there is a visualization process that helps you to install a switch in your mind. This switch allows you to turn off the negative tapes as quick as a wink so that you can relax and chill out and allow yourself to make better conscious choices. Once you can get past those tapes, you can refresh your mind with positive energy and change the course of your day… and your life.

Stamp Out Stress

Stamp Out Stress

Wouldn’t your life be so much happier and more peaceful if you could just turn the noisy mind off?

It really is quite a simple process. It is something I use practically every day. I like to feel good. Diffusing the negative noise in my head helps me to feel good. I would love to help you find that peace as well. All it takes is the simple action of buying my book “Stamp Out Stress”.
I guarantee if you learn and implement this technique your life will be a much happier place for you.