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I think the most important and radical point about the information and tools contained in my books is that the perspective I take is not that of a medical or psychological professional. All of my writing, whether in these books or others I produce, in my blogs or where ever, I write from the perspective of a person who has engaged, suffered, dueled with and learn to manage the demons in my mind in a very practical manner that is easy for you to learn and use.

My dream is to help as many people as I can to learn how to find the peace available through practical mind management. Having done the pill route and the counselling route I have become a true believer that the only route to inner peace is by learning to let go of the beliefs and thoughts that hold you in the pain of living life as a victim of your past.

True peace and joy in life can only be attained by learning how to effectively “Let Go”.


Embracing The Blend was written me with the wonderful assistance of Eve Zanatta. it was through Eva’s never ending questions to me about life.

Finally, one day Eva dragged me by the scruff of the neck to her kitchen table and informed me that it was time for me to write a book. Almost a year later, Embracing The Blend was born.

We wanted Embracing The Blend to be written because we felt there was not adequate information for the millions of readers around the world so they could actually figure out for themselves the mechanics of their lives in a simple and meaningful way.

I believe that we are products of our environments, in particular the environment we called our childhood. Much of what we learned as children, good and bad are still carried in our memories today and impact practically every decision we make. It is only by being able to recognize the dysfunctional beliefs of childhood that we can learn how to make other choices so we can live more satisfying and productive lives.





Stamp Out Stress evolved a year later after Embracing The Blend. It is an expansion of the first chapter of Embracing The Blend. It is a good stand alone explanation of practical stress management. It also contains a CD containing two easy to follow visualizations that provide useful techniques for stress reduction and for quieting the mind.

I feel that it is so important for people to be able to quiet their minds and to manage those pesky undesirable thoughts that I have posted both of the visualizations in Stamp Out Stress into Youtube.

Here are the Links:

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