Living Life With a Universal God

Life has never been an easy place for me. I can only speak for myself but I suspect that it is true for every person on the planet. I hope that by speaking about my life that it will help you to appreciate your own life and how you have managed to live this long.
Nobody lives forever, at least not in this realm. Why on earth would we want to hang onto this body any longer than necessary? Maybe when we are young and immortal, it might be worth it but as we grow older our body begins to fail us. It ceases to serve us as well as we would like.
It is only the clambering of our ego mind that makes us want to keep a tool that does not serve us well. Would we keep a car once it starts to fall apart? I certainly have and am here to witness that it was not a smart move!
However, it is not our choice to discard this body before its time. In order to fulfill our purpose, our raison d’etre, for this incarnation we need to hang on, endure and do the best we can until we breathe that final breath.
There have been many times over my life that I have wished it would just end because the pain or the emptiness seemed too great to continue living but in the back of my mind I knew that I was not finished. I needed to get past this moment and refind the light of life, of being alive. The one thing I always knew was that, no matter what, the clock would keep ticking.
The things that have happened in my life have all served a purpose especially the events that really sucked. In the eyes of a Universal God, all serves purpose. Our job is to find that purpose and to trust that at some point, all will be revealed. We just need to be able to let ourselves see with much bigger eyes.
The challenging times in this life are not punishment for past errors in the mind of the Universal God; the only punishment is meted out by our own ego. The results that occur for our actions whether good or bad occur as a matter of cause and effect. When we act, we get results. If we do not like the results, then we have the option to change the actions that caused the result. God does not interfere.
A Universal God is a god of the collective consciousness of all. We reap what we sow as individuals, but we also reap that which is manifested by our society, mankind as a whole and the universe as a whole.
Sometimes it is pretty hard to face the day. The news broadcasters continue to remind us how barbaric we are as a species. This in turn reminds us how screwed up our own lives have been. Sometimes I wonder why I bother to try.


But my higher consciousness, my most conscious connection with the Universal Mind reminds me that I am a valued participant in this life and an infinite force in the universal consciousness. How I live and give to my own well-being is how the universe responds and grows.
I stop and feel the good dynamic force inside myself that is the real force I know as my true self. It reminds me as I focus on this beautiful energy that all that has happened in my life is false, the only truth is this beautiful energy beyond my conscious mind.
I see the frailties of this this life for what they are, mirrors of what my higher consciousness is trying to teach me so I can be better, stronger. I know the fear I feel, I hear the reminders in my head that tell me that I am nothing, inadequate at best and the touch of this inner light re-ignites the knowledge that my egoic mind does not know the truth, it only knows what it thinks it knows as a result of past experience.
Our past is a place that carries the lessons of our present and future. It lays out the ground work for what we need to know in order to complete the task we were born to complete. We are not tied to our past. We best not let our past dictate our value and capacity in the present or future. All the past has done is temper us so that we can survive and prosper.
Too often, in my life included, we allow the past to define our value and inhibit, or worse prohibit our ability to express our true selves. We are not the abused child any longer. We can move beyond the pain that has been so familiar and so comfortable, if we take the time to go quiet and connect with the light of the universe, we are comforted and can release the darkness that shadows the light.
It does not matter how you access this light. You can do it directly or you can revel in it through Jesus or Buddha or whomever you choose to use as an intermediary. As long as you give recognition to this light and learn to allow it to flow through your being, you are one with the Universal God. Your past and your beliefs about your self-definition based on the past have no value or place in your life.
We are all good and can have good days if we choose to.
Do you remember that old mantra from many days ago? Let go and let God. This is the God they were talking about.

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