Listen to Your Body

Good health is not intended to be an unrealistic goal. In fact, it is intended to be very easy.

One of the main reasons why good health becomes so difficult is because we have been socialized to not listen to our bodies.

In our western society, it seems that it is more important for the mind to have the last say about everything that goes on within its’ “little kingdom.”

To say the least, this is the great downfall of mankind. We, the supposedly most intelligent animal on the planet by and large, act in the least intelligent fashion when it comes to our health.

If you watch any other animal when it has a health issue, it recognizes that something is amiss and it immediately takes steps to correct it, even if that means lying down to die.

What do most humans do?

Ignore the complaint being registered

  1. Recognize it and use it as justification for complaining about how rotten life is
  2. Take a pill to mask the symptoms
  3. Join a club to get support for their complaint
  4. Have the problem removed (hopefully it is not a head ache!)

What would we do if we acted in the sense that animals have?

  1. We would admit that something does not feel right
  2. We would try to source out the cause within our being
  3. We would source out natural remedies to support healing
  4. We would get help from a professional if we could not heal the situation ourselves
  5. Once we have fixed the problem, we would make a lifestyle change to eliminate the return of the cause

If we truly desire to maintain a healthy presence on this planet, I feel that people en masse need to re-look at how they deal with their life issues. There is not one of us that do not, at some time in our lives, have to deal with a health issue.

In order to prosper and live a healthy life, we must, when situations call for it, let ourselves feel what is going on in our bodies. Rather than letting our minds dictate avoidance and denial, we need to embrace the fact that our body is telling us that we need to pay attention to something.

By listening to the quiet messages in our mind and our body that give us the clues, we can usually prevent or minimize the effects of potentially life changing events. If we choose not to listen, the demand for attention will only get louder and often more painful until we submit and do something about it.

By listening to the early warnings, we can implement new activities such as dietary changes, get “tune-ups” through our health professional and change unhealthy life choices. By making the changes early enough we can prevent much discomfort in later times.

We have been designed with an amazing self-awareness system that wants to keep us healthy. We are designed to live well and long but this will only happen if we take the time to listen to that quiet voice within.

Take a break today and every day to sit, be quiet and listen to what you body has to say. You will reap great rewards because of it.

To learn more about how to work with yourself through effective mind management, please check out my websites. We have some great books there!

Wishing you a great, happy and healthy life.