Listen to the words in your thoughts. What are you telling yourself?


Listening to the words that come into your mind is essential to understand how your mind influences your quality of life.

It is essential that you do not judge the words at this point. All you want to do is understand what is happening at any given time. It is great to keep a journal of your thoughts so you can watch for repetitive thoughts. These will be your greatest influence.

Everyone has both negative and positive thoughts. You can learn from both of them. In fact, you will like learn more from the negative thoughts because they likely have stronger or more impactful core beliefs attached to them.

The key to understanding the value of what your thoughts are telling you from an energetic perspective is that positive thoughts increase your energy and negative thoughts decrease your energy.

However, at this point, it is Important not to eliminate the negative thoughts but to use them to gain access to the beliefs that are the true culprit to lowering your energy causing you to feel and live in a less satisfactory manner than you desire.