Learning to Let Go without Losing Yourself

I was just doing some updating on my website when I flashed on a remembrance of some concerns that I had to work through when I first started learning about mind management.
• Will I lose myself and become nothing when I learn to shut off my mind?
• Will I cease to exist?
• What will happen to me if my mind goes blank?
• Will something move in and take over me if I do not keep my mind busy?

Let’s look at the last one first.
Will something move in and take over me if I do not keep my mind busy?
It is absolutely essential for every person to understand that we as human beings always have “dominion” over ourselves. This means that no-one or no-thing can ever enter your being and take control of you at any time or for whatever purpose. The concept of body invasions is all just Hollywood movie crap.

I am not a psychotherapist and do not claim to be any kind of an expert on the human mind, however, I put forward that even folks who suffer from severe mental disorders do not have uninvited visitors inside the sanctity of themselves.
We are born with the capacity to be complete and sanctified within ourselves. No one can ever change that basic premise of our design. However, maintaining a conscious thought pattern to hold dominion in one’s self is an effective thought pattern if this is of any concern to you. When I am feeling scared or want to bolster my sense of personal safety, I use the following mantra (repeated in groups of 3):
I know that I am safe and protected.

I personally believe that when we are feeling unsafe and fearful, it is our mind playing a trick on us so we will move into “safety” mode. The above mantra helps the mind and body to relax back into the true safety you were born into.

And the other questions.
Will I lose myself and become nothing when I learn to shut off my mind?
Will I cease to exist?
What will happen to me if my mind goes blank?

Really great questions. We see so often in movies where a person has been doped up leaving them sort of comatose with a blank expression on their mind. That would cause me some concern too!

I feel it is really key to understand one essential factor in mind management; that is that
We are not our minds.

The goings-on in our minds are completely separate from who we really are. These goings-on are just entertainment provided by our ego. In fact, in Buddhist writing, one of the main goals of meditation is to eliminate the ego (the noise in our head) in order to find peace.

The challenge for most us is that we have been taught that our personal self-definition is totally based upon what our mind tells us, so if we “opt out” of the “Letting my mind be boss” program, the ego stirs up a lot of fear about loss of identity in order to maintain its control over your life.

In actuality, the ego (which I do not believe needs to be eliminated but effectively managed) will be a lot more cooperative and effective if we learn how to hit the “off” button on occasion.

What you actually get when you are able to turn the mind off is called “peace of mind”.

One of the main purposes of the ego is to provide you with protection so you will be “safe”. Unfortunately, your ego learned the rules about your life back before you were seven years old.

You remember these days don’t you? The days when everyone was 10 times bigger than you and spoke with really loud voices or their hands, or both? The days when everything you did was wrong and everybody knew more than you did?
Back when you were a little kid, you learned that you had to be submissive to survive because everyone was bigger or meaner or yelled louder or liked to hit little kids. From these learning opportunities you developed rules about how to keep yourself safe.

Well guess what? These same rules are still operating in your life today!

Your ego does not know time; it only knows its job; and that job is to keep you safe according to the rules it has learned.
So now that you are older and much wiser, you have realized that you can live your life better. You want to feel fulfilled
and feel successful and loved.

But your mind keeps saying “You can’t do that! Don’t go there! It’s not safe!”

Your ego will resist allowing you to quiet your mind because it wants to keep you safe according to what it understands safe to be. The challenge for you is to be persistent in practicing mind management by regularly and consciously dismissing the dysfunctional thinking your mind keeps producing.

When your mind becomes full of crap, you just remember to let it all drain out and let the sunshine fill your mind instead. The visualization processes that are included in my “Stamp Out Stress” Book are excellent tools for achieving peace of mind.
My other book”Embracing The Blend” is filled with lots of information and tools to help you understand how your mind operates.

An important point about the writing of my books I would like to share with you is that I write from the perspective of being a person like you; a person who wants to achieve peace of mind without falling into the trap of medication or relying on ineffective coping skills. I wrote these books because I wanted tools and information that really work. I believe that is what my books achieve. I feel that it is sometimes necessary to take back our power from the medical profession and learn how to operate our lives effectively ourselves. We just need to use them when it is really serious, and then only cautiously!

Stamp Out Stress

Stamp Out Stress


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