Knowing Yourself Is Key to Living a Successful Life

Many people seem to think that working harder, staying focused on controlling their life and everyone else’s and having as many toys as possible is the key to a successful life.

I believe that these beliefs are at the bottom of the current worldwide economic situation.

Life always expresses on the outside as it is in the inside. Macrocosm, microcosm. As above, so below. It is a universal truth.

It is amazing that as intelligent as we humans claim to be, we just don’t get it!

The more that we try to live our lives in ignorance and denial of the needs of our inner self, the more we are going to struggle with poverty, ill health, unhappiness and every other undesirable occasion in our lives.

Many people seem to think the happiness is found in owning huge houses, many cars, boats and gazillions of dollars in the bank only to find out the truth when the economy goes in the tank. People commit suicide, become violent towards others and manifest illness all because the world refuses to conform to their wishes.

Other people who are smart enough to realize that spending one’s life grabbing everything they can and demanding right of ownership over it is an inefficient use of their life choose to do nothing and live a life of emptiness and poverty.

Neither of these formulae are functional and they are certainly not in alignment with the way the universe created us to live.

We were born to have the use of great abundance. We were born to have peace, to not struggle, to enjoy the moment. However, in order to have great abundance and peace at the same time, we need to get to know ourselves.

Everything that exists is composed of energy. Energy is in constant motion and evolution. When our frail human ego is allowed to have control over our expression of life, we create an energy of illusion that is contrary to what we were designed to express. This would be just like the kink in our garden hose.

The “kink in the gardenhose” is the cause of all the great woes of life. Poverty, illness, lack of happiness and peace, war, gang violence and everything else is manifested because we are out of alignment with our own personal truth.

This is not a matter of religious belief. This is a fact of universal process. As long as we continue to work against our personal truth, we will always suffer. And yet, we as the current race of humans playing on this planet just seem to love swimming up the river of life rather than resting our egos and flowing with what the creator has in mind for us.

The great change that is manifesting at this moment that is expressing as the wars in the Middle East, the great economic downturn and the massive turmoil geologically are all part of the universe’s desire to raise the consciousness of mankind.

We are a key component of universal evolution. We will mature into our new life of higher consciousness. It is, however, up to each of us as individuals, to decide whether we will do this change willingly or we will be dragged into the change after suffering through countless ages of depravity, depression, poverty, illness and any other “punishment” we wish to mete upon ourselves.

If you choose to be a tool for change, a tool that causes the end of poverty, gang violence, war, disease, famine, over population and every other undesirable pre-occupation we have created then you must choose to really know yourself.

Why are you here? Why right now?

We are living in the most incredible time in all of man’s existence on this planet. The opportunities for personal growth are boundless. The amount of knowledge available for our growth is infinite. All we have to do is recognize our ability to grow and give into it.

We may not know exactly what to do. Our egos will fight the change in power. However, if you persist in allowing self knowledge to permeate your expression of life, you will grow and raise your consciousness.

By raising your consciousness, you impact the overall energy of mankind and the universe as a whole. After all, no man is an island.

In the long run, and not a very long one at that, you will learn to live more in alignment with your true self. The result will be a more happy, successful expression of life. You will attract better, healthier relationships and better health and abundance in your life. And you will not have to struggle to do it!

It is up to you, totally and completely. Can you bear to let go of your ego’s dominance in your life and allow yourself to know who you really are? Can you bear the consequences of ending the pain, drama and dissention in your life for the sake of peace, harmony and abundance for you and all the world.

If you took the time to read this blog, I bet you can do it.

Love to hear from you.







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