People who are truly safe deep inside themselves are the most powerful people in the world.

How safe do you feel?

If getting past the issues of your childhood is important to you, then this website is your new home!

We offer you a different perspective than the standard “Coping Strategy” concept of getting through your life. This site is full of hands-on practical tools and strategies for reframing the beliefs you learned as a child so you can function like the amazing adult you are!

People who know themselves are happier throughout their lives

People who know themselves are happier throughout their lives

Everyone wants to live the dream of a healthy, happy prosperous life filled with abundance and good health. In order to truly live the dream fully, it is essential to heal childhood wounds caused by family dysfunction and sexual abuse by learning how to develop and manage one’s own personal safety. In society today, it is far too common to cover up the effects of childhood wounds rather than actually dealing with them.


The purpose of this website is to provide information and tools that effectively allow and support healing childhood wounds from family dysfunction and sexual abuse by helping the reader to understand and develop tools for developing and managing their own internal personal safety.

MontyCRitchings5318a One of the most important differences in this website is that the information provided is offered from the perspective of a person who has lived through childhood wounds and the effects of sexual abuse and family dysfunction firsthand rather from a more clinical hands-off perspective.

By focussing on mind management as a tool for developing functional methods for personal safety, it is very possible to redirect and diffuse the memories of the past. My intention is to help the readers of this site to understand that:

• We all face the challenges of recognizing and supporting ourselves in healing our childhood wounds no matter how wonderful a childhood we had.

• The only way to truly heal is to accept our past and learn to redirect our beliefs about ourselves and our relationship to our past

• Developing coping strategies is only a temporary solution

• Healing from childhood wounds does not require reliving the memories of family dysfunction or sexual abuse.

• Learning how to manage the thinking processes and dysfunctional habits is essential to long term healing.

  • Learning to determine when we are or are not being honest with ourselves.

• Loving and supporting one’s self at any time is essential especially during difficult times.

  • Learning to share life more safely,  completely and satisfactorily with others

Healing childhood wounds from family dysfunction and sexual abuse is a long-term, even life-long project. There is no easy fix. It requires a lot of patience, self-support and self-love. No one else can do our healing for us. Just like in many other healing programs it is one day at a time.

In fact, it is one thought at a time. As the author and main contributor to this site I sincerely hope that the information and tools provided will help you to understand that you are not alone and that there is a path to personal freedom and peace for you.

My call to you as a reader of this site and a member of society at large is for you to indulge yourself in the possibilities that can be reached and incorporated by taking the chance to know yourself.

Give yourself the opportunity to slide past the pain and the “impossible” barriers posed by your ego that have until now held you captive and let yourself become all that you truly are beyond the façade of “victim”.

I will be regularly updating the information on this site so I invite you to check back often and just see if there is some little tidbit that will forge itself into an “aha” moment that will forever change your life for your better.