Healthy Living

This life as a human being is not an easy experience. In fact, personally, I would much rather be a cat or a dog. Now that would be the life!

We have, whether we like it or not, chosen to be human beings, a choice that is not for the faint of heart. It takes a great deal of patience, fortitude, tenacity and awareness to succeed in living this life.
I strongly urge you to give your greatest care and attention to this life you are participating in.

sometimes life just doesn't work out right

sometimes life just doesn’t work out right

Without adequate care and attention, along with the above mentioned traits you will not succeed very well and will likely experience a life filled with less than desirable outcomes.

So what is it that we want to do while we are living this life as human beings? How can we live healthy lives after all the devastation we have experienced in our younger lives?

It is all well and good to talk about living a life of happiness, success, well-being and abundance but how do we turn it into reality? Or are we doomed to continue living the lot of the life we have already experienced?

I am a very realistic and practical person. After all, I come from a very dysfunctional family background. I do not believe that a person can just drop their history and pick up a shiny new life and have no relapses or repeats of their past. Certain habits, beliefs and living patterns have become engrained in our lifestyle. They will take a lot of persistence and work to change.

Long-term effective change is possible! Your life can be different and better!

It just takes four things:
• Sincere desire
• Awareness of the activities in your life including deciding what you like about your life and
what you do not like.
• Willingness to honestly look at your life and make the changes you desire in an evolving plan
• Persistence. It took many years to create the life you currently have. It will take plenty of
time to redirect the necessary beliefs in order to create your new life.

So what does a healthy life look like?

First of all, I would like to say that the answer to this question is very subjective. You will have to decide for yourself what your healthy life will look like. Please remember that life is a constant evolution so your healthy life of today is going to be different from your healthy life five years from now.

There are certain parameters that help to define a healthy life. Let’s look at those so you can start shaping your own healthy life. Writing down your thoughts as you read this is very helpful.
• Awareness, recognition and appreciation of the qualities you have that you like about yourself.
Absolutely necessary to good self-esteem and mental health.
• Awareness, recognition and appreciation of qualities that you wish to amend or redirect.

Without good awareness, recognition and appreciation of both the “good and the bad” you cannot know yourself; so you will have nothing to base your developing life on.

Let’s go on.
Self-acceptance (as you are at any time)
• Cause no pain intentionally to yourself or others
• Live in each moment without assistance for escape through drugs, alcohol, sex, control over
others, abusive control over self
• Willingness to make mistakes without beating yourself up.( it is better to make a good mistake
than not to have tried at all)
• Balance. Enjoy your life and all that comes to you without needing to overindulge (or
• Get plenty of sleep, food, water, companionship, learning, exercise and connection to the
universe and nature
• Do things of value to you including that which provides you the ability to fund your life
• Patience with yourself. Do not sabotage yourself by expecting a miracle healing. You will make
mistakes and have setbacks. Accept them and carry on.
• Willingness to appreciate and accept things you do well.
• Knowledge of your intended goal. You need to know what you are trying to change.
• Assistance from a qualified person to help you get clarity and to stay on track.
• Distance yourself from people and environments that may drag you back into the old.

There may be many other items to add to this list, but this is a good start. The key is to just do it. The action of trying to change your life will bring awareness of what you need to do. Treat it like solving a puzzle, stay detached from the game and stay with it.


I believe we are all given the tools and the ability to grow and become our own expression of greatness and dynamic light, a light that can fill the universe with love, happiness and purpose that we can share with ourselves and with all others.

In order to shine that light through we need to find a way to cut through the quagmire of crap that we have encountered to get to where we are today. We need to find a way to say to ourselves and the world that we are a force to be reckoned with, a force for good (however we define good)

I would love to hear from you as you progress. If this information in this website has been helpful or you have used the information from my books, I would appreciate knowing that as well. You can contact me through the “Say Hello” page.

This website is a work in progress, so come back for visits regularly!