Give Peace A Chance

Give Peace A Chance

Recently we celebrated the anniversary of the passing of one of the great leaders of human evolution. This person was John Lennon.

John Lennon was a visionary who believed that the human species could survive and even evolve in spite of itself.

He unveiled the concept of peace to the masses through is song Give Peace A Chance.

Since that time we have managed to kill hundreds of thousands of fellow human beings over the planet. Obviously, we are not getting it!

My perception of the situation is that most of us do not have a good understanding of what it means to give peace a chance. I sincerely hope that John agrees with my stance.

Some of us feel that we have to give up any drive we have, that we need to just go and sit somewhere quietly and contemplate our navels in order to have peace. But how would that further our desire for peace? Is inactivity the same as having peace?

Others believe that we need to go to war to fight for peace as it if was something externally attainable, that we had to go get it somewhere.

And then of course, there are the politicians. They think it can be legislated. We will just pass a law telling the masses that we will punish them if they make any noise or act out. We will just pass a rule ordering us to have peace.

So if peace is not these things, how is peace attained?

First of all, let’s determine what peace is first.

Peace, to me is a state of mind and a state of being that is a natural state found only by going within oneself. It is a profound state of connection with oneself. So how does that differ from the first example of going off somewhere and sitting quietly, maybe in a cave on a mountain top?

True peace is not found by escaping from the life one is living! It is found by living in full connection with one’s own life. It is found by consciously living in the moment.

By being fully aware and conscious of how and why one lives, the connection between the passive mental aspect of self and the active physical aspect is strengthened thereby reducing stress. It could be compared to swimming in a river. A person in peace would be a person happily swimming down the river with the current as opposed to the agitated person would the one who wished he was swimming downstream while he is actively struggling to swim up the river.

I believe that peace can only truly be found by coming to know yourself, by finding the direction of your stream. By recognizing and building on the qualities you like about yourself and recognizing and accepting your challenges you, you can attain a deeper level of peace within yourself. We all have good and not so good parts of our personalities. The importance point to remember is that our personalities are always changeable. All we have to do is be willing and pro-active to make changes it may require.

Do you want to have more peace in the world?

The first and only real step you can take to make our world a better, more peaceful place is by choosing to create more peace in your own life!

How can there be any peace in our world if we continually fight with ourselves?

After all, since everything that exists is composed of energy and the mass of energy reflects the energy that is projected into our world; as long as we keep fighting with ourselves we are furthering the cause of unrest by projecting disruptive energy from our beings into the universal consciousness.

Can there be peace in our world?

I reframe this question to ask: “Do you want there to be peace in your world”?

We live in a world of change, of chaos and of opportunity. The perception we hold of our world is based on our belief systems. If we believe in our minds that the world is evil and dangerous, filled with violence and that we are helpless to change the course of events, there can be no peace.

However, if we recognize that we can manifest peace from within ourselves by anchoring our inner and outer selves together so we can live in safety and communion with self, then we form the basis for creating a world of peace.

Are you willing to accept John Lennon’s request to Give Peace A Chance?

Can you accept that life is manageable through making choices, and that sometimes life does not go quite the way you wanted it to even though you made what you feel was your best choice? If you can, then you can give peace a chance!

Can you accept that there is no need for blame in your life and that your personal safety is not on the line? If you can, then you can give peace a chance!

Can you accept that personal responsibility is not the same as taking blame for something you may have chosen to do? If you can, then you can give peace a chance!

Can you accept that you have to share this planet with other people and that they have needs too? If you can, then you can give peace a chance!

Can you accept that you do not have to be “in control” of others in order to be safe? If you can, then you can give peace a chance!

Life is a chaotic event. However, it can be made less chaotic by making conscious choice. Conscious choice in alignment with acceptance of personal responsibility breeds peace.

We do not have to go to war for peace nor do we have to sit idly in search of peace and we most certainly do not need our politicians to legislate it.

All we have to do is accept peace into our hearts and our minds then get on with our lives, striving to live consciously and in purpose.

I have written a couple of valuable books that can help you to gain some useful tools for understanding yourself, the first step in giving peace a chance.

On my website you can try out a sampling of my visualizations for mind management contained in my book Stamp Out Stress. If you join my RSS feed, you can receive a copy of “Love Is Not Our First Priority”, the first chapter of my book Embracing The Blend absolutely free!

I truly support the cause that John Lennon promoted with his song Give Peace A Chance. After all, peace and love are the basis of all that is good.