Self Empowerment by Re-framing Childhood Beliefs

The primary focus of this website is to provide information to readers that will assist them in understanding how to recognize family violence and abuse.

kids need positive touching

kids need positive touching

It is essential for any person who truly believes there is a better way to live to understand and know that life does not have to be a progression of pain, unhappiness, ill health, poverty or any other undesirable life occurrence.

Our lives express based on what we have learned in our pasts, therefore the only true way to end family violence and abuse is by changing what we personally believe about family violence and abuse in our own lives.

hug your chilld

hug your chilld

My own family life was filled with family violence and abuse as I told on the Monty’s story page. One of the 10 most important days in my life came in June of 1995 when I was first introduced to my Granddaughter. As we looked into each other’s eyes I realized that, in order for this wonderful little girl to get to live a healthy functional life, I had to end the cycle of family violence and abuse that kept recycling in earlier generations.

I believe that it takes several generations to change family dynamics. I chose that day to be generation number 1. It has to start somewhere!

If you, my dear friend, want family violence and abuse to end in your family, there is only one way to bring this about. You must recognize that it exists and take ownership of it. You do not have to be a perpetrator of family violence and abuse yourself; however, if it exists in your family, then you carry the energy and the ability to stop it.

Recognize how you feel. Recognize how family violence and abuse have wreaked havoc in your life. Know that you can bring it to its knees by choosing to stop it in its tracks. Recognize when you choose to act out in any way that you do not feel good about, then choose to do differently.

love yourself first

love yourself first

Choose to love and be supportive yourself. Love all the other people in your life by letting them be people too. Love your children by supporting them and teaching them to be functional productive human beings.

We are born in safety, then trained out of it. Now is the time to return.
It really is up to you… and me… and everyone else. All we have to do is choose.Life Force Not Force Life Go with the flow of your life Get past the trauma and live

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