Freeing Ourselves from unsupportive beliefs from Christian Teachings

One of the first and most important lessons I learned in my quest for understanding the difference between the Christian God and the Universal God is that in addressing the Universal God it is acceptable to use the term “The God of My Heart”.

When two people are discussing this deity using this term, it is implied that the understanding of “God” for each individual is different than the other person’s… and that is acceptable. The intention is the same but there is no need for semantics.

I find it particularly irritating when discussing “God” and such with many Christians that the bulk of the conversation is focussed on them attempting to ram their perception of “God” down my throat. If I cannot accept their definition, my quality as a person diminishes seriously. In their mind, I am a worthless heathen and therefore of lesser evolutionary stature.

This situation is another example of the control issues that are imparted by the Christian philosophy or more correctly “Churchian” since Jesus likely would not support their arrogance and intolerance. It is an important part of the basis for my desire to blog about these matters. It is not important to me whether you consider yourself a religious person at all. It is important to me; however, that you understand how your self-image is affected by the teachings you may have received as a child about your relationship with “God”.

I personally believe that we are all given self-dominion thereby giving us the freedom to be and become as we choose without having to be submissive to any other force, whether it be “God”, “Jesus”, your parents or otherwise. If you are a mature person, you have the right to be who you choose to be as you choose.

Please let me define that statement though, as I do not condone anarchy. There are two aspects that need to be expressed in regard to personal freedom.

Firstly, according to the principles of Universal Consciousness, we are all integrated with each other; therefore we must determine our individuality based on how the choices that structure our life impact others. It is a fine line to be walked that requires careful consideration since we do not want these matters to be based on destructive emotions such as guilt or anger. After all, we all need to work together and support each other so this planet can work effectively.

Secondly, the thoughts in this blog and any others unless specifically indicated, are presented to adults only. I believe that the social pressure existent today whereby children are allowed the privilege of being treated in the same light with the same freedoms to make life choices as adults is leading our society down a very self-destructive path. I believe that children need to have boundaries lovingly placed around them and they need to be carefully instructed about living on this planet in a manner that assists them to be as highly functional and integrated into society as possible. Part of this training requires children to take a somewhat submissive role until they reach full maturity.

We will discuss these above matters and many others in other blogs. The important issue in this blog is just that we, as individual adults need to free ourselves of old beliefs, including those implanted by religions that limit our ability to be clear and free thinking.

After all, how can we be fully functioning individuals if we can never stand up in our full power so that we can express the true potential of our beings?