Daily Life With a Universal God

John 14:6 King James Version
“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

The interpretation of the above verse from the Bible is what I personally believe is the difference between how I understand this verse from my studies of “Christian” theology and that of my understanding of Universal theology.

In Christian teachings, it is stated that the only way to God is by accepting Jesus Christ as an intermediary and possibly an intervener to God. It is the job of Jesus to accept responsibility for anything and everything that we choose to do even if we purposely and consciously commit a wrongdoing.
I believe this interpretation keeps us as immature individuals because we never have to take responsibility for ourselves. Then, some of the churches actually go further and absolve our actions or “sins” without truly requiring us to take ownership of the situation.

Living with a Universal God is all about self-responsibility. Acceptance of a Universal God into your life requires self-acceptance and self-responsibility of any and all actions in your life. Living with a Universal God means perceiving and accepting Jesus “The Christ” (his title, not his last name. They did not have last names back then) as a master teacher.

“We can cometh unto the Father” by accepting and learning how to do what Jesus did; by accepting responsibility to learn who we are as individuals and why we are here on this planet right now. It is living life accepting that we are good people born to do good things while recognizing and accepting that we bring into this life challenges to allow us to know ourselves better and to challenge us to grow as individual soul beings to add value to a Universal consciousness that is ever expanding.

Did you ever read in the Bible any story told of Jesus deciding to shirk his responsibilities or to let another individual suffer for his poor choices? Were there any stories about Jesus selling out to the power mongers so he could get his way or live on easy street?

Of course not! Jesus lived in truth. He honoured himself and his purpose in his life. In that, he honoured God. Living your life on a daily basis in the same manner is living life with a Universal God.
We all have really great things about us. We all have unique skills that desire to be expressed. We all have a unique purpose desiring to be fulfilled. We all have limiting beliefs learned in childhood that need to be reckoned with. We all have challenges. Welcome to life.

As a child of the Universal God, we understand and accept that no one is going to take responsibility for our choices or for our lives. We learn how to connect with ourselves on any level so we can learn how we function on this earth plane. We recognize and accept when we do well. We recognize and accept when we do not do well.

When we do well, we accept that we were in alignment with ourselves and our God. When we did not do well, we accept that we were out of alignment with ourselves and our God through lack of knowledge, then strive to do better.

Life is never perfect (by human standards) and we are never perfect. But we strive to understand and accept that we are not the expression of our lives, it is just a work in process that is constantly evolving and we get the fun of experiencing.

We are never being punished and the only hell we can go to is self-created through incorrect thinking. Heaven is where we were born and only leave through incorrect thinking.

By accepting ourselves as “souls on the path” while accepting others in the same light, we put less pressure on ourselves and others. By accepting ourselves and others in truth, we live healthier, more functional lives and accept that others are doing the same thing.

Namaste means “I accept the divine in you”. This is the true teaching of Jesus the Christ. By striving to see the divine in yourself and in others, life becomes more real and acceptable. Responsibility for self while allowing others to be self-responsible is living as Jesus intended in the above verse.

Living in the light of a Universal God does not mean that you won’t have bad days. It does not mean you will not struggle or be out of alignment with yourself or others; it just means that you know inside that you are good and strive to do better.

Would you agree that it is much easier to live a life where you accept all the parts of yourself, good or bad and accept you alone have the ability to change your life and live in heaven than to spend your life avoiding responsibility for your choices and blaming others?

Would you agree that it is better to know yourself and live with yourself knowing you are in charge of your life than to sublimate your life to a force that prevents your own self-actualization?

I urge you to consider my thoughts in the true light of what you believe Jesus intended. And please understand that you can still be a church going Christian while living in the light of a Universal God.