Can We Save Mankind From Itself?

It seems these days that there is so much more violence in the world and even in our own neighbourhoods. Widespread illnesses and super diseases are seemingly very prevalent and causing a great deal of concern. People are going without proper food and shelter.

Can we change the world or are we on a path of certain extinction? Are we doomed to a fate that we have no control over?

If not, what can we do to save the world? Can I as an individual, make a difference?

There are three levels of consciousness that we participate in continuously. The first one is the universal consciousness that includes absolutely everything from rocks on the beach, to the planets that comprise the solar system and more.

The second level of consciousness is that of humankind. It includes all persons.

The third level is your own personal consciousness, how you perceive the world and your life.

The only place we can make permanent changes of any kind is at our own personal level. We have free choice. This freedom allows us to make changes to the way we live and how we understand life at any time. Free choice is always in effect!

Did you know that every time you make a change in your life, it impacts every other person and the universe as a whole?

When individuals choose to commit crimes, it sets up the energy of fear in others. When people drive their cars crazy and ignore the rights of others on the road, it sets up fear and separation from others.

These individual acts and more have a huge impact on the total fibre of society!

At the same time, individuals who choose to know themselves, who choose to face their own shortcomings and strive to improve their own life also contribute to the overall consciousness of mankind.

In fact, by making changes to our own perception of life is the only way that permanent change can be had! By making change at a personal level, the world changes. As simply as saying: “ I am now doing this action differently”, the world evolves and heals.

It is important to contribute charitably to life and society. That in itself adds, in the short term to our whole wellness. However, unless the evolution of the consciousness of the individuals affected progresses from the action, no long term change will be sustained.

There is a statement from the Bible that substantiates this statement. “If you give a man a fish, he will eat today. However, if you teach a man how to fish, he will eat forever.”

There must be a change in the individual’s understanding of how life works in order to make permanent change.

So, can mankind be saved from itself?

Absolutely! It starts by being more aware of how we each express our lives. If we continue to commit outdated actions that undermine our own best well-being, we slow down the evolution of our collective consciousness.

This life we live is a great opportunity for growing at a deep level. In fact, I believe, that is why we are here… to learn, experience and grow.

To maximize our personal growth, we need to accept the beauty and greatness of our true self. Every one of us has the capacity to be great in our own way. It begins by allowing ourselves to show up in our lives. It begins by recognizing when we recognize when we react from old habits then take the time to discover what we really want and do something different. It begins by recognizing when we go into fear mode, then choosing to listen to the fear rather than running from it.

Years ago, there was a saying prevalent in the personal growth world that said:

“I have met the enemy, it is I.”

This may be true at some level but I think in today’s world, it is more important to understand and accept this statement: “I have met my best friend, it is I.”

How you treat your self and how you choose to deal with your personal challenges determines how you contribute to the overall wellness of mankind.

If you want to see an end to war, poverty, illness and any other challenge to our well-being, it must first begin by changing our own perception of our own lives.

If you want to end world hunger, it must start by recognizing your own separation from the universe that feeds you. If we want to end gang violence, we must bring our children home and love them as the great people they are right from the day they are conceived and make them part of our family.

It all starts by recognizing fear for what it is, a tool, a tool that tells us that we need to be aware, and that we need to make an adjustment to the course of our life.

Recognize your shortcomings and accept that they are temporary and changeable. Recognize your health, financial, relationship, etc challenges and see them as opportunities to change how you understand life. By accepting your own limitations and making necessary change you make your life better and impact the lives of all others.

It all starts by taking the time to stop and let yourself shine through! You are beautiful, great, and powerful. You are making an important contribution in the whole journey of mankind, just by the fact that you are here.

When you choose consciously to create, manifest and live your own true path, when you choose to live in your own light, you are saving mankind and the whole universe.

There is hope, if you want there to be!


Monty C. Ritchings