Buen Camino

Buen Camino

Buen Camino in English means Right Track. As in any part of the journey in life it is helpful to know if we are going the right way.  Walking the Camino is a mini event that demonstrates the process of life. The folks that live along the Camino are very friendly and also depend on the income derived by the passage of the “Peregrinos” or Pilgrims that pass through. When you are on the “Right Track”, they yell to the passersby “Buen Camino” . If you are on the wrong track, they will very quickly get you straightened out.

The symbol of being a Peregrino is the scallop shell. Most people walking the Camino will have a shell attached to the outside of their backpack indicating their purpose.

scalllop shellFor a great explanation of how the Scallop Shell became the symbol of the Camino read Sue Kenney’s book called “My Camino” available on Amazon and at www.suekenney.ca.

As the journey unfolds I will be posting pictures and stories about my travels for your enjoyment starting in mid September 2015 on www.montyslongwalks.com

On this site I will be posting blogs about personal insights that come to me as the journey unfolds.

Until then Buen Camino!

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