Over the last couple of years since I created this website I have put together and posted many blogs about things that I feel are important to getting through this life as well as possible. Listed below are some of these blogs. I truly hope that you find value in what I say and that it helps you to improve your life.

To view any of my blogs, please scroll down the list below and click on any of the titles. The link wil ltake you directly to the desired page.

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Give Peace A Chance

Racism is a learned concept

Affirming Peace

Effective Parenting

Healthy Families Require Two Participating Parents

Speak to children at their level

Loving Boundaries are the Best Gift A Parent Can Give



Are You Willing to Take Over Running Your Life?

Are You willing to be happy?

Who are You?

What Influences are in Your Environment That could affect your Wellbeing?

Who Are The Key Influences In Your Life?

What Health Issues Do You Have?

What Are You Willing to Do to Improve Your Life?

Listen To The words In Your thoughts. What Are You Telling Yourself ?

How to You Feel?

What Does It Feel Like to Be In Your Body?

Taking Charge Of Your Life

Changing your life Is as easy as changing your perspective

Getting Past Victim

Separating Yourself From Your Fears

No Victims, No Victors. Just People Living Their Lives

Love Does Not Make You Safe

Having the Courage To Face My Fears

Surviving Life In today’s World

Learning to Let Go Without Losing Yourself

Surviving Your Mind

Learning To Listen To Your Thoughts

 Learning To Manage Your Thoughts

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs By Learning To Manage your Mind


What Is Love?

A different perspective From Eckhart tolle

Daily Life With A Universal God

Who Am I Really?