Are you willing to take over running your life?

Are you willing to take over running your life?

As adults we need to be running our own lives. This is not always an easy thing though because we are trained from little to listen to our parents. We often continue this practice even when our parents have passed on or just do not participate regularly in our lives.

Listening to our parents is not necessarily a bad thing but at some point in our lives we need to make our own choices. However, until we learn to recognize the old recordings of our parents talking to us in our heads regurgitating old programming, we can never learn or choose to make clear decisions that direct how we want to run our lives.

The best way to overcome this problem is to become very aware of the feelings attached to the thoughts that appear in your head as you are attempting to make changes. Ask yourself regularly if the thoughts you are hearing are valid and current for your current life situation. If they are not, then try to excuse the thoughts by not empowering them and choose different thoughts.

It takes practice to run your own program and it takes vigilance so be kind to yourself  as you will likely make lots of mistakes, but then welcome to life.

Being a good decision maker requires mental clarity. Recognizing ineffective thoughts is absolutely essential. Disabling them is the only route to making successful change.

Here is a visualization I have prepared to help you to manage your mind better. Enjoy!

Conscious Mind Management