Are you willing to be happy?

smiley faceAre you willing to be happy?

This almost seems to be a ridiculous question but it is one that needs to be looked at. so many people today seem to think there is something wrong with a person who chooses to be happy. The norm seems to be the person who is stressed out, angry and generally discontent.

This is not the way human beings are created though. We are designed to be happy. All we have to do is get ourselves beyond the trappings of the ego that constantly throw us into the old belief system and life style that says “I will be happy when_____”.

Everyone of us has had to endure a great deal of unhappiness over our lives for one reason or another, however, the hardships we have suffered are not really a reason to be unhappy. We have learned to show the world we are unhappy or afraid because it is a protective device against future potential hurt.

By learning to get past the old beliefs, we can choose to be a happy person who sometimes has to deal with potentially unhappy events that are external to our true selves. It is all a matter of perspective.

Be Happy!