Anger, Anxiety and Depression- Managing Powerful Emotions In Your Life

Anger, anxiety and depression are all part of life, just as happiness, peace and joy are outer expressions of the many thoughts and beliefs we have stored in our mind ready to express to the world at the slightest provocation.
In our society we seem to have a habit of categorizing feelings into good or bad rather than just accepting that the one that is currently tainting our perspective of the world just is; without the need for keeping score on our feeling good chart.
It seems that we all have engrained in ourselves the belief that we need to feel absolutely grand all the time. Anything less makes us feel inferior as if there is something wrong with feeling less than wonderful.
We believe we need to do something about it; rather than simply accepting the way we feel; the result often being an over-magnification of this simple feeling that our mind has just sent as a reminder that something needs to be looked at.
This habit has been capitalized on by the medical industry. It seems that we have become convinced that we are powerless to pull ourselves out of these less than desirable situations. We end up giving our power over to tranquilizers and anti-depressants because we fear doing something irrational or unacceptable.
So when we are feeling angry, anxious or depressed what can we do before the situation gets serious enough that we need to get help from a doctor or counselor?
Can we help ourselves so we can live happier, healthier and more balanced lives?
Gaining a healthy understanding of our own personal power is absolutely essential.
Sometimes due to feelings of inadequacy we feel we have to give our power over to others in order to get through the day. However, if we can accept what is called “dominion” over oneself, we can all get through life better.
Self dominion simply means that every individual owns themselves including their body, their feelings, their emotions and their mind (and anything else commonly included in the package) by birth. No one has the right to override this fact.
Having a sensible and practical understanding of how to effectively play this game of life in a healthy manner is essential to self dominion, so let’s look at how we can improve our relationship with our feelings and emotions.
The first point to understand is that everyone has mood shifts. There is not one person alive that does not periodically feel the ravages of anger, anxiety or depression. They are part of life. Getting past the feeling of being the only one who ever suffers from anger, anxiety or depression is so empowering! It might feel like you are the only one suffering, but believe me there are millions of others in the same situation! It is perfectly normal!
Feelings and emotions are presented to you as a tool to help you understand how you are engaging in your world. They are the spice of life! If you can learn to know your feelings and emotions, you can use them to steer your life.
Sometimes, when your life goes far astray, the heavy artillery needs to be called on in order to bring you face to face with an event going on in your life. You find that your emotions are totally consuming and out of your control. You cannot avoid the situation as much as you try. Life situations develop such as relationship issues, illness, accidents, etc. That’s when the feelings of helplessness can overwhelm you.
But it is not meant to be that way! Life is supposed to be a manageable event! But you have to know that you are in power, you can manage your feelings and emotions.
And it needs to be done before the artillery starts shooting!
Being able and comfortable with owning and expressing your emotions is critical to owning your life. If you use the early feelings of anger, anxiety and depression as signals from your mind indicating you need to pay attention to what is going on then you can make changes quickly and in a manageable way. You no longer let your life get beyond a manageable level (at least most of the time).
Doesn’t this sound better than believing that your life is unbearable and uncontrollable so you need to drug up and numb yourself out? Just so you can continue doing something that is not working for you and may even be dangerous? Early awareness and good choices will allow you to limit or even eliminate the larger effect of these feelings on your life.
The trick is to catch them when they are little, so they can be redirected. It is much easier to throw a stone than a boulder, managing emotions is the same.
Once you have developed a good relationship with your feelings and emotions, you can learn to enjoy them and be okay that sometimes you feel good and sometimes you don’t. Welcome to life!
Let’s keep working on developing a good strategy for working with your expressive self. Understanding them will be critical to claiming your power.
Anger has a separate component which can be used as a motivator; an energy to force a break through. Have you ever tried to do something and found you just couldn’t make it happen, until you summoned that energy of anger that forced you through the gates of success? That can be a good constructive use of what is regarded as a “bad” emotion.
The aspect we want to look at today regarding anger is that feeling that stops one dead in their tracks. This paralyzer causes the same result as the overwhelming feelings of anxiety and depression.
If one has a good awareness of their own feelings and emotionality, these feelings can be redirected before they take complete hold over the mind. Recognition of the starting of the feeling is key. This is the time to know that you are safe by design, and if you are not safe- get safe! Feeling and being safe put you on solid ground so you can more easily deal with your feelings and the event that is provoking them.
The next aspect is to listen to your thoughts so you can try to discover what is provoking the current feeling. Ask yourself why you are feeling this way, right now. If you can get right to the bottom, you will almost always find the feelings are related to beliefs about your safety or lack of; likely someone didn’t give you what you wanted.
So where do you go from here now that you recognize the onset of the undesirable feelings and you are aware of the provocateur?
We now have recognized the feeling developing and we know that we are feeling out of sorts because our needs are not being met. So would the next step be taking hold of the world by the throat in an attempt at forcing your needs to be met?
Absolutely not. The most likely result of this kind of choice would be an increase in resistance or reaction from outside sources causing an even larger problem. Especially where violence is concerned, winning is never possible!
Once you know it is just an old thought playing with your head, let it go! Redirect your mind to something more pleasant. Do something that requires focus like singing or raking the lawn or go to the park and walk in nature. Let yourself be distracted and consumed by the activity. Your mind cannot concentrate on more than one activity at a time. Gradually the all-consuming thought will fly away.
And remember to breathe!
Often when people become knocked off center by feelings of anger, anxiety and depression their breathing becomes very shallow and they become paralyzed by the thoughts and feelings. They become so consumed by their thoughts that they literally cannot move or breathe.
If this happens to you- Force yourself to do the opposite. Breathe and move. Even a little forward movement can be enough to break the reaction and start you in a new path. And like I said, focus your mind on what you have chosen to do rather than where your mind is trying to drag you will bring you new freedom.
It is essential to realize that no one can ever have control over their lives. The best we will ever do is manage. Deliberate choice to create a different outcome is the force that will drive change. Attempting to control life is futile. It is just your ego trying to exert its power over your true self. True power is gained through good management.
We also cannot ever have control over others. It is a desperate act of powerlessness when a person contrives to have control over another.
When we are unhappy with the way that other people act or react, the only place we can create change is within ourselves. After all, the fact that something outside of you provoked an undesirable feeling means that there are beliefs in your mind that cause you to believe you are unsafe. Change your own mind and your perception of the situation; amazingly the other people will change too! Funny how that works!
By recognizing this fact, you are well on your way to a healthier concept of life. When you learn to believe in and accept that life is a great place to be, you will attract good things into your life at a more satisfactory level. The amount of anger, anxiety and depression will also be reduced since your need to be constantly vigilant about your safety becomes less of an issue.
The only place we can ever have power is from within ourselves in conjunction with the universe. Anger, anxiety and depression can easily be relieved just by understanding this concept. Knowing that we are magnificent and powerful beings by creation leaves no room for emotions or feelings that can undermine our ability to live a wonderful life.
Being comfortable enough with ourselves so that we can enjoy participating in our feelings and emotions makes life so much more exciting and enjoyable. Being in touch with ourselves lets us enjoy these expressions at a more comfortable level. Does it sound like it is worth the effort?
If you are interested in learning another very quick and effective technique for quieting all that noise in your head, have a look at my little video on YouTube. By incorporating this technique with what we have chatted about today will make your life so much easier and bearable. I truly wish that for you.
Once you have developed a good emotional base for your life, your life will skyrocket in a great way since you will be released from your own self imposed prison. Doesn’t that sound great? Love to hear how it works for you!
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Look forward to life

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