The Power of Safety

We are born into safety… then trained out of it…. now is the time to return.

Human beings have been running around this planet for a very long time. By design, we Life Force Not Force Life Go with the flow of your life Get past the trauma and liveare the most amazing species in the universe!

We are so capable and resourceful. This is how we have survived for so long!

We have invented great things and learned how to overcome great obstacles.

The one thing we have not learned however is how to be the most magnificent powerful entities that we truly are. Personally, I think mankind is heading in the completely wrong direction when it comes to our personal evolution.

We are learning to be more protective of ourselves and far more self focused!

This is completely contrary to our evolutionary process!

My goal in this website and all the blogs that become a part of it is to help people to understand that our purpose on this plane we call earth is to grow as spiritual beings as individuals and as a species.

We are working ourselves into extinction by continuing to be self focused, violence to ourselves and other and a lack of true personal growth that allows us to become aware and integrate the amazing skills we carry inside of us through our connection to the larger universe.

This site is not religiously based. I do not support man made religions as more than just a tool for personal experience for people who are in that level of personal growth.

True growth embodies all of who we are at every level, even the levels we are not aware of. We are part of the universe, a living dynamic cog that supports the one things the Creator desires…

To know itself in all its capacity.

Please join me with an open mind and let’s grow together in all the beauty that life has to offer.

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